whateley Session 2

June 24 1879

Dear God,

Tombstone is sick. I’m pretty darn sure it’s not fatally ill but something real bad is going on. Ranger Love told it right when he said all the townsfolk are scered. And that don’t bode well. I have to be real careful as well. The holy man here is on a witch hunt and I don’t want to be no burned witch. A man like that can rile people up to do some real unholy things. I have to be real careful and try to keep the young’uns from standing out to much because evil things take joy in trick’n holy men into do’ng bad things to good people.

I got myself a job and an allowance. It don’t seem right though. Ranger Love ain’t my pa or my ma. He ain’t even one of my cousins. But I’m in sore need of the money right now… cause a job in these parts can’t afford you the price of no fancy hotel it seems. I guess I’ll just keep in on loan and hopefully if I do well at the job or I find something that pays a mite better, I’ll be able to make my own way and pay the ranger off one of these days. We work for the Tombstone Epitaph for a Mr. Lacey. He seemed like a nice enough sort but he also seemed sharp. He asked us all sorts of person’el questions and seemed real curious about me know’n welsh. I guess that’s to be expected from a reporter. After that we went to a wedding and we even got to lure HK away from his projects to have fun with us.

Unfortunately me and Cassidy’s first day on the job led us to the OK Corral. It’s the place we stable our horses but we couldn’t find anyone to deliver our papers too… Which was mighty suspicious being that the stables should’ve been opened and all. I was set to drop the papers at the step and go to our next stop but Cassidy seem to realize something was wrong and she picked up a shovel and walked right into that stable. I checked the horses, a lot of animals seem to get unnerved when badstuff is around and that dark stable had a lot of hiding places. In the cool and the dark there it was hard to shake off the feeling that we was being watched. Inside we found the body of the owner. He had been beat and was covered by insect bites.

Cassidy reached down to check on if he was live’n or not but he was no longer there. We also saw that someone had fiddled with Ranger Love’s bike. Well we knew we had to tell someone about all this… and then I got real scered and shivery. I was soo scered I was rooted to the spot. It took Cassidy’s persistence to get me mov’n. It was cold in that stable. Too cold an’ I knew why. I recognized the look on that man’s face and I knew and the marks on his body. I also knew why none of the horses stabled here showed any signs of being bit. They was Terrontula marks and those things shouldn’t be here and if they were here naturally they would of ate the horses.. I glanced around the stable to look for ways they couldv’e got in but I already knew they wouldn’t be there because I saw this spell before… I saw someone die like this before. This was a nasty piece of work. Whoever did this could of killed the poor man who he knocked on the head any way he wanted but he chose a way that would cause the a lot of pain and fear. And that means someone somewhere out there .. in this town is someone who casts black magic.

Me an’ Cassidy went look’n for the Ranger an’we found him talk’n to the law. That’s a little funny the law talk’n to the law but I guess they must do that regular. It was one of the Earp men, I think Wyatt… or was it Morgan… but when we spilled the beans. Him and Ranger Love went off to do some investigating. The Ranger was mighty upset someone had run off with his ghost rock and was talk’n about that it was either the cowboys or the scientists. I don’t’ now much about contraptions but if it took no contraption know how, I would suspect the holyman. He hated the sciency gentl’man and I wouldn’t put it past it to use the “devil’s own instruments” to destroy the unholy scourge of science that had descended on his town. I pulled the Ranger aside and told him I thought it was caused by bad magic. It’s hard know’n and not being able to share something. The Ranger seems to accept what I’m tell’n him and he doesn’t seem to suspect how I know. Though he does occasionally stare at me real hard. Maybe he’s wonder’n why I’m tagging along for.

After me and Cassidy dropped off the rest of our papers we went back to the Epitaph. The lawmen didn’t tell us not to share so we shared about the death. I didn’t share about the black magic though. That would be bound to get a witch hunt started.
After he was done investigating, Ranger Love gathered us kids up and took us all up to Stanton Ranch. I guess it’s where the missing Ranger was heading when he up and disappeared. It was nice to leave town and get my colts back… I felt a little raw and it’s a comfort to feel their weight again. We traveled a bit and came to this canyon where a horse was loose.. With Cassidy’s help me an HK was able to wrangle the horse only to find the owner shot dead. We signaled Ranger love and after discussion we decided to continue to Stanton ranch to make sure those folks are good.

Sincerely (or maybe amen)

whateley Session 2

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