Love Session 8

Journal 8

Although my night was plagued with nightmares as usual, I managed to get enough rest. And with all the tension in town what with the Cowboys and all, it was nice to be able to sit down with the gang and have a good breakfast. Only that was not meant to be. Halfway through there was a powerful ruckus out on the street as a stage coach came into town. The driver came runnin’ into the hotel all excited lookin’ for the Earp’s. Turns out the Cowboys killed Morgan Earp on his last stage coach run. Needless to say Wyatt and Vergil did not take it very well. I told Vergil I would back them up no matter what their decision on dealing with the Cowboys was. Later that day Wyatt came to tell Zak and I that if we wanted in on dealing with the Cowboys we should meet them at the train station later that night. Then I have to admit I was confused as the Earp’s packed up and left town. That is until Doc. Holliday came to see me and make sure I was going to meet up with them all at the train station.

What some of my young companions don’t seem to understand is if you a line yourself with thugs and murderers then you must deal with the consequences of that, if you wish to be judged separate then you need to separate yourself from the group of thugs and murderers. As far as I am concerned if you wear the red sash of the Cowboys even if you were not the one to pull the trigger you are just as responsible for every murder committed by the Cowboys.

With the law on our side we (the Earp’s, Doc., Bat Master, Zak, and I) set out to take down the Cowboys once and for all. The first Cowboys we found were in a small town not too far from Tombstone. They were in the saloon. I took the front while the rest of the posse took the back and waited for my signal. I kicked in the front door and saw there was five Cowboys four at the bar and one playing piano, and the bar tender. I told the bar tender to hit the floor and fired off a shotgun blast at the Cowboys at the bar (signal sent). Then I found out just how fuckin’ nut Zak is and how much he needs to learn about the use of dynamite, as he came in from the back door and tossed a stick of the stuff in the middle of the room with the shortest fuckin’ fuse I have ever seen. I barely escaped the carnage that ensued. I made sure to impart the importance of communication upon Zak by way of my fist in his gut. I think he took the lesson to heart.

For what must have been at least a week we hunted down every Cowboy we could find.

Then we rolled back into Tombstone on the 23rd to wipe out the last remaining Cowboys who were hold up at the Clanton Ranch. Zak and I decided to check in on the others before that night’s raid only to find that things were not as quite as we left them. We got to the Grand Hotel only to find that once again someone had gotten shot and killed. Maybe I should think of movin’ a lot of people seem to get shot in this Hotel. So much for knock’en some of the road dust off before I get into fightin’ mind again.

Cassidy, Rose, Nicholas, and Jack tell us of two things the lady in the other room who was shot, and that they saw the deadly drifter and heard him makin’ planes to ambush the Earp’s at the Clanton Ranch. First thing first the dead lady in the room, she seemed to have a lot of strange things with her. An odd gun, a book that says she is from the future, and a strange contraption that seemed to know who we all were with just a drop of blood. I decided to go to this lady’s room to have a look for myself. It did not take much to get past Behan’s man. The lady who was Jackie Wells a person we were supposed to be meeting at some point, seemed to have been killed by the deadly drifter one shot to the head square between the eyes and there would have been a shot to the chest if she had worn a badge. I searched the room for myself and found some more of her hidden things as did Zak. We found a box with some odd trinkets in it as well as a tabard (an old timie garment) and an odd lookin’ sward.

I check my watch and see we need to go, given the information that the deadly drifter and the rest of the Cowboys are planin’ an ambush. We need to head off the Earp’s so we can attack the Ranch with a plane of our own. Also given that information I asked all my posse to come with me we will need all the help we can get.

We rush out to the Clanton Ranch only to find that the Earp posse was early too and a battle had already begun. I had hoped we could get in there and make a difference. But that was not to be. By the time we got into range all the Cowboys and most of Wyatt’s posse were dead, the only men left standing where Wyatt, Doc., and the deadly drifter whom we now know as Stone. It was a showdown between the three of them and as fast as Doc. is and as near untouchable as Wyatt seemed, Stone shot them both down without batting so much as an eye.

Then Stone faced off on us and although every fiber in my wanted to draw down on this scary as hell man I could not move. I was not the only one as none of us moved an inch as Stone asked us our names and told us the only reason we were not dead was cause we were not on his “list”. And with that he walked away and he was long gone by the time any of us could move again.

The only thing left for me to do was put a shotgun blast into the noggin of every dead Cowboy, gather up all the fallen lawmen, and head back to town.

Love Session 8

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