Love Session 27

Journal 27

We decided that before we went to our meeting with Mr. Noodles we would go to Jack’s adopted families home and see if we could get them to some kind of safety. Turns out that Noodles men beat us to the punch.

We had the drop on Noodle’s men as we saw them before they saw us. Jack went in alone to see if he could check on the family before the situation came to a nasty dust-up. That didn’t exactly go down as planed and we ended up in a fast and nasty fight, in which Jack got a mud hole stomped into him and walked dry by the little Asian men.

After the fight, we found that the family was missing and by the signs of a struggle they did not go willingly or in a hurry.

We decided to take some information to Big Ears Tam in the hopes that we could make it look like Mr. Noodles was working against his boss, and entice Mr. Tam to force Mr. Noodles to give the family back to us. But as it turns out from the information we got from Mr. Tam it appeared that our own good captain Jack Jackson has the family.

We went to the warehouse where our airship was under construction and found Jack Jackson and the family in somewhat damaged condition.

Cassidy saw to the care of everyone as she does very well, and we were figuring out our next move.

Love Session 27

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