Love Session 26

Journal 26

After our exhausting fight with the tar critter and the blue chines half ogre half human critter, Jack believed he possess a Chines fighting technique that he could use to destroy the amulet. I wanted to tell him that the action he was about to take was the very definition of hubris but I don’t think he takes lessons from me very well so I kept quiet and let experience be the teacher. Jack gathered his energy for his trick. Then Jack hollered at it like it did him wrong at the poker table, and with that he hit the thing. Jack’s energy collided with the amulet and in a bright flash of light he was knocked across the cave. Lesson taught but was it learned?

Zak suddenly had one of his vision fits and when he was able to collect himself he told us that he saw a similar cave with a different Indian symbol on the wall.

Given that we were very sure that Noodle’s men were all dead and even though he had a very stupid name, I was sure he was not so stupid. We needed to get back to Shan Fran so I could tell the rangers a safe version of what happened and that I believed there was a possibility that Noodle’s might retaliate. That is when my Boss hit me with news that I did not want to hear, news that would make me question the core of my convictions. I was told that somehow Rose and Cassidy’s unique abilities had been exposed, and that I was to be the one to bring them in for to up hold the time honored Ranger tradition of shoot’em or recruit’em. Although I would normally have no trouble doing this, in the case of Cassidy her ability to heal makes her very valuable to the Rangers. Because of this they would dictate her every move. They would send her to were ever they needed her most and they would do this whether she was willing or not. In my opinion that is too a-kin to slavery and even though I am a Southern boy and a proud Texan I never could abide slavery.  I will need to inform my young companions of this new development.

When I arrived at the Sunset Inn to meet the others I learned some new information that tipped the balance of the loyalty war that was ravaging in my soul. The society has offered our little posse to advance to the next level of their organization. This allows for a few benefits. I won’t have to deliver Cassidy into what I see as certain slavery. I can honor those who in such a short time have become my Brothers and Sisters in arms against fowl things that threaten humanity, I have refrained from calling them kids so as not to belittle them but I have come to feel for them as my kids to protect not that the memory of my beloved N… Peter will allow me to ever tell them that. And I believe that the resources of their organization will give me the freedom and means that I need to hunt down, kill, and get my revenge on the filthy critter that tortured and killed my Family.

Now we need to consider our options for getting out of Shan Fran and keeping the kids out the Rangers hands.

Love Session 26

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