Love Session 24

Journal 24

In the morning I went to the office again this time I had a little bit more of an idea about what kind of info I was looking for to aid me in my attempt to find Cassidy and Jack’s Father, and my attempt to find and rescue Mr. Smith from the Chinese gangs. I can’t say that I found out too much about Mr. Hendershot aka Mr. Tilten.

I was given the Rangers “taxes” for the month. I know here that my fellow Rangers accept this as a cost of doing business and that they do it so they can stay and protect our fine up standing Southern folk. But… the whole thing burns at my Texas pride. The whole thing is so untasteful to me and angers me so deeply that the only thing that keeps me civil are thoughts of my beloved wife Mary and my son Peter.

The meeting with Big Ears Tam did not go so well. I paid him the “taxes” and tried to talk to him about Roderic Pennington-Smythe, but he seemed to be content with telling me he knew nothing of the man. What he did not know is that Jack understood every word of his gibberish sounding language. I was more than disappointed with this turn of events. Jack and the others managed to quell my behavior and get us out of there unharmed. Jack told us that Big Ears Tam thought that one of his generals a man named Thin Noodles Ma (Oh for the love of God where do these pajama wearing idiots get these ridiculous names and do that really think they instill fear in others? It’s all I can do not laugh.) may have Smythe in his custody, or so Jack tells us.

We go to where we are told we can find this Noodles guy and it turns out to be a bath house. I am hoping that he will take the bribe that I have on hand. Although I was told I can negotiate a higher price but the thought of having to talk to this man makes me itchy. And though my companions have been giving me etiquette advice I am not looking forward to using it. I talk to this Noodles guy and manage to get him to give up Mr. Smythe, though the others seem to think that Noodles thinks he got away with something. Four hours later Smythe is delivered to us in relatively good shape.

Side note at some point in this day we managed to look in on Nicholas’s air ship, it is almost done maybe two of three weeks and we will have a mobile Head Quarters. And in our effort to man the ship with a captain and crew, we came to meet a man named Jack Jackson. He seems to be quite a jovial individual. He agrees to take on the ship and help us get her a crew. He also says he can teach us the ins and outs of operating an air ship, and in showing us his good nature he agrees to take on some of Jack Jr’s teachers family as part of the crew.

We head to the Sunrise House to await Mr. Smythe’s arrival.

Love Session 24

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