Love Session 13

Journal 13

Well as I had said Nicholas’s managed to get the damn hellbore up and running in less than a day. After that it only took a day or so to finish the tunnel and brake through the mountain.

As it turns out I was not as successful at lying as I thought I was. Hellstrome could not prove that I did the sabotage but he did not believe me to be innocent of the task.

Because I did not wish to travel separately from my young companions I agreed to stay on Hellstrome’s train till we got to Lost Angels. It took all I had in me to not put a bullet in his face.

We got to the tent town that sits just outside of Lost Angels, and it seems that every rival train company is here to try and stop Hellstrome from getting in touch with the Reverend.

We found someone to help sneak us into Lost Angels, and I talked with the Dixie rail guys to send some messages and get a place to secure our horses.

Now all we have to do is get in find our guy and get back out without getting caught.

Love Session 13

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