hellstrome Session 8

Hellstrome Kid, Journal Entry 8

14th July, 1879

A few days ago, we learned that the Cowboys killed Morgan Earp. They thought it was their revenge for all of them that he helped kill and arrest. I don’t think it worked out like they hoped: The remaining Earps and Doc Holliday decided to prosecute a feud against them. Ranger Love and Zach helped – but they wouldn’t accept the help of any of the rest of us. Those cowboys are bad guys, but I’m not so sure about hunting down and killing them all. Some of them are just rat bastards – is that enough of a reason to kill them? Mmmaybe?

Well, while the Ranger was gone, I finally managed to complete building my Ghost Rock accelerator. While I was putting the finishing touches on it, we learned that there were some strangers up in the hills, over by where that ghost rock bomb went off. We went out to check on them. I think they’re trying to stake a claim to all the red glowing ghost rock. I’ve learned that this stuff makes weapons more potent, and that’s not something we want getting in the hands of people like the Cowboys.

We all went out to check them out. It turns out they were lawmen. Our Ranger says they’re from some Northern agency, but I confess I forget what it was called. Whoever they are, they hate Rangers, so I can’t tell them about Ranger Love, but they claim to know all about ghost rock bombs. They wouldn’t talk to me – I hope they’ll come to town and maybe I can learn something from them before they leave. They had all /kinds/ of interesting equipment, including some kind of air car that worked better than an Ornithopter or a gyrocopter. And a big hate for anybody watching what they’re doing.

When we finally got back to town, we heard that the lady who brought Jack & Cassidy’s pa into the Explorer society was in town. It’s true she was – but when we found her, she was dead. Killed like those lawmen: a bullet through her head and her heart. Her name is … was? … will be? Jackie Wells. She’s called the Martyr – well, she’s dead at least, though nobody seems to be missing her. She had $10,000.00 and several fancy inventions. She also had a book that explained how she got all this stuff: it claims she’s from the future.

What scares me a bit is that her book seems to hold together. It talks about the ghost rock bomb. One of her devices knows me – but calls me ‘the destroyer of worlds’. She provided a /lot/ of information that seems to confirm the stuff Doc Holliday was teaching me about the Manitou, and said we should work to defeat them. Unfortunately, their servants have all the details of her plan.

Her book was kind of fascinating. I’ve kept it, but shown it to all the others. I can’t guarantee it’s true, but it /seems/ to be. There seems to be 5 people who might be able to tell us more, but four work for the Manitou, I assume. Three of the four are named ‘Grimme’, ‘Raven’, and ‘Stone’ – the Ranger says Stone is the one who killed Mrs. Wells. There’s also a Padre Ernesto de Diaz – a Mexican name, but I have no idea how to find him. And he /might/ not be a bad man. But … somehow between these people and a few others she named, I’m guessing we need to find something called 13 bullets from Gettysburg – specific bullets, I assume. I hope they have some property that will hurt these Manitou.

That’s about all I got so far. I hope Zach and Ranger Love are all right. They went out to hunt the Cowboys.

At least that gave me a little time to gather some experimental proof for my navigation designs. I’m going to build some anchors and start testing them.


hellstrome Session 8

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