hellstrome Session 25

20th Sep, 1879 Shan Fran, Red Town and the Ever-Triumphant Trail, north of the city

We hurried back from Thin Noodles Ma's bathhouse to Red Town, in time to see a number of Chinese thugs delivering Mr. Roderick Pennington-Smythe.  From the information he gave us, Ma's people were already on their way to the cave where Mr. Smythe had hidden the amulet, and so we wasted little time getting our gear and hurrying up to the cave.

As expected, there were a bunch of horses already there. Presumably, they belonged to the Chinese. 20 or so horses, so we spent a little time hiding them in order to give us a chance to catch Mr. Ma's men if they escaped around us. Inside, there were many footprints, but when we reached the cavern where the amulet was hidden, there were no men – but a fancy Indian petroglyph for 'earth' and a bubbling pool of tar. Of course, that's where Mr. Smythe threw the amulet.

Assuming one of the Chinese had learned Indian magic, we entered carefully. That's when the tar rose up like a huge giant man statue and started attacking people. Our guns didn't seem to do much harm to it, so we all resorted to different kinds of magic. Sadly, I'm not very skilled with it yet – I can't control a big enough manitou to generate a powerful grenade, and the caustic glop spell I found in the catalog is more distracting to tar giants than harmful. Still, after Rose set it aflame and everybody else filled it with ghost rock bullets, it finally fell.

While we were fighting it, a creature that had been raised by the amulet – Jack said it was a short Chinese kind of Ogre – also came out to attack us. It was scary, but it didn't seem to do very much other than cause Jack to punch it a lot while everybody else dealt with the dangerous tar thing. Something about it was scary enough that nobody wanted to attack it. Finally, as the tar creature fell, I slapped a ball of toxic glop on its head and it fell down. Yes, I killed another person, and I feel terrible for it, even if it was magic and had blue skin. It weren't no manitou, and it needed killing, but it's still a person. I wonder if there's a way to create my own spell like the toxic glop that puts a creature asleep or better. I should ask Ranger Love or Rose – maybe they can research something. I don't think I can.



hellstrome Session 25

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