hellstrome Session 13

Hellstrome Kid, Journal Entry 13

6th? Aug, 1879

The great man came to see the work I did. If I succeeded, we would be able to break through into California and be at Lost Angels in another day. If not, it would mean humiliation for me and a big loss for the good Doctor Hellstrome. But I’m confident. Dear god, let my design work!

(later) It worked! We made camp in the Mojave desert, near the eastern edge of Kwan Province. Dr. Hellstrome declared a day’s celebration for everybody, and the next day would begin his efforts to join his rail line with the tracks that his California team (which none of us had heard of!) had been building from Lost Angels. In the mean time, we would be privileged to ride with him to his camp in what they call ‘Ghost Town’ – where all the people trying to get into Lost Angels have set up camp as they wait for Reverend Grimme’s permission to become citizens and eat at his table.

Before the ride began, we set up communication lines using the Explore society’s communications rings. Rose’s ring talks to Ranger Love. Mine and Jack’s talk to Cassidy. Zach’s ring talks with O’Malley, who is currently riding with us to Ghost Town.

Arriving late, we set up a cold camp outside Ghost Town. It seems quiet enough, but looks enough like a mining camp that we set up watches.

7th Aug

Ranger Love found us a safe place to store our horses, my working models, and most of our supplies. It’s in the Confederate camp outside Ghost Town, and should be safe as long as they are still here. Ranger Love explored the tent city, and found someone who could lead us into Lost Angels. I’m tempted to just go back South and visit my pa, instead, but the Ranger’s been a good man and got me here. I owe him some loyalty. I also promised Mr. O’Malley to help him learn about his friend in Lost Angels. So, despite it being dangerous, we followed the Ranger’s new friend.

I admit, our guide seems a good person, from a nice family who’s trying to care for themselves. As it is, he got us through the city’s wall and into town. Just as two giant robots begin distracting everybody by fighting. I suspect one of them is Dr. Hellstrome’s work – if so, it should win. He’s just that good, and thinks far ahead.

For now, we need to survive giant fighting robots!!!


hellstrome Session 13

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