Hasting Session 12

Session 22-

HK mingles with all kinds o people before the 9:00 meetin about whether er not ta join the confederacy. When the meeting starts up, there’s a loud voice a comin from the back o the room. “Ah kin offer you your independence”. Ah knowed that voice. It wuz Helstrom. He addressed the crowd, an offers an army o his automatons ta defend the island o Orange. The council votes ta take him up on his offer, an tell the confederacy, ‘No Thanks’. Afterwards, ah tell Helstrom about ma vision of the ‘soonami’. He offers me a job, right then an there. Ah’m tempted, cuz ah know ah would git a chance ta study science with him, but ah think he would kinda treat me like ah wuz his dog. Also, ah cain’t see ma self splittin up from ma friends, especially HK. Ah think ah’d rather learn science from him. He treats me like ah’m not stupid jus cause ah cain’t read. Ah think he might even be willin ta teach me. Ah always refused before, cause they always made me feel stupid fer not bein able ta read at ma age, but HK ain’t like that. I’ll think on it. Woah, that’s too soon. Ah have another o them episodes, an this time it changed. In this one, there is still a soonami, but this time, it rolls through the city of Lost Angels, and destroys the Cathedral, an flyin around it is what looks like what mama useta describe Angels fer real. Then all of a sudden, the vision changes, an its in a cave that ah don’t reconize. There are some o the real peoples drawings on the wall. It’s a native symbol that ah recognize as meanin The Dragon. Ah see a bloody hand reachin fer the wall, an then the episode is over.

Cassidy an ah go over ta the spire later on an mine some Ghost. We do pretty well, an take a few pounds, but not too much. We don wanna be greedy. Later, HK an I work on fixin ma suit. He is a tinkerin expert. Ever time ah work with im, ah learn more an more. He says ah actually helped him cut his time in half, an we done fixed it. Later on, the Sherriff goes over ta the spire, an he sees the evidence about the former mayor. Even though the town voted to support Helstrom an not join the confederacy, they still offer ta help Orange during the battle. The town votes ta accept their help an so they stay ta help. When the army o the Lost Angels arrives in their ships an they see the confederacy and Helstroms automatons, they turn tail an go home.

After that, the sherriff hanged Mr. Roberts, cause there wuz enough evidence. Ranger Love, done give me an amazin present. It’s an armored duster like he’s got. Really strong, like enough ta slow a bullet, an you can still move around in it like it wuz jus a reglar coat. Cause o them visions that ah saw bout that soonami, ah decide ah couldn live with maself if ah didn do nothing ta protect the people o Orange, so ah set about preparin one o them mines near the spire as a refuge ta protect them from the soonami. I help to build a sealed steel door for the top, an install stairs an all the things that the people might need ta stay down there fer a while if’n that soonami, covers em in water fer a while. Meanwhile the town has a meetin ta talk about takin all o the folks from Perdition, cause in the vision, they got over-run by the soonami also.


Session 23-

We leave Orange, an sail fer Shan Fran, like we always planned to. After we leave ah found out that Jr. left the deed ta his house that HK’s dad gave him, ta that Mad Matt that we met from Ghost Town. We arrive in Shan Fran on September 19. They say that across the bay of Shan Fran, useta be the town of Oak Land, only it ain’t there no more. Jus a lot o little islands. North o that, where there was a whole lot more o California, is now jus open ocean. It’s the biggest thing ah ever saw. There’s all kinds o these smaller weird lookin boats. HK says, there junks an ah had ta agree with him. They had all kinda junk all over their decks. He laughed, an said, they are called, ‘Junks’. Its an Asian kinda boat. They wuz all sizes too. Well, as we approached the harbor, this little Junk approaches our boat. It’s owned by a Chinese fella, who says he’s the harbor master. Some money changes hands, an we sail on inta the docks. The city is really big an crowded. Almos everybody there is Chinese. Ah stick out like a sore thumb. Ahm taller than jus about ever one o them. Even the youngsters are as tall or taller than the chinese adults. Ahm told that they ain’t all Chinese. Some er Japanese. We ask about the Explorer Society, an it turns out its in what they call, Red Town, which is where all the whites live. Ah never seen a city where shite people had their own section. When ah lived with the real people, the few whites that wuz there like me an Bastard Phillips, live among the people, not separate. Ah cain’t wait ta see Bastard. Tha wuz the reason ah wuz all fired up ta come to Shan Fran. When we get ta the Explorer Society in Red Town, it ain’t there. Jus a burned out hole in the city block. It burned down 3 weeks ago. We find out it wuz arson. That means someone burnt it on purpose. Since we cain’t stay there, we go to Ranger Loves’ local office, where some o the other Rangers work out of. After findin out about the Explorer Society, they recommend a place where we can get a cheap apartment that’s not too run down. While talkin bout the fire, we find out they think it wuz done by a fella named ‘Big Eared Tam’. Ah wonder how he feels bout them callin him that. Nobody calls HK, ‘Funny Ears HK’, an ah’d smack em if’n they did. Though the real people useta do that all the time, callin people by the name o something they did, or saw, usually, something ta do with an animal. We meet up with Shackleton Smythe an some feller named Dillinger. Ah don’t know exactly who they are, but ah think they are friends o Ranger Love. We get a room at that buildin they recommended. It’s pretty nice an doesn’t cost a whole lot. Love says, it’s good ta have friends.


Session 24-

September 23. It turns out, Big Ears Tam may have an amulet that’s mighty dangerous. Apparently, it can resurrect the dead an give them ‘Harrowed’ powers. Ah don know what that means, but ma friends say its real evil. We need ta destroy it.

Hasting Session 12

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