James Dalton

Hellstrome Kid's father


A somewhat stout, well-dressed merchant. Cheerful and charismatic, he’s easy to be around – until crossed.


Born on June 7, 1833, he opened his first general store in Placerville, CA, a location well known to most of the miners from nearby Sutter’s Mill and halfway to the coast at the age of 15. When the gold boom hit, he expanded and now supplies three additional stores in Shannonsburg, Lost Angels, and Shan Francisco and lives in the county of Orange, near Lost Angels. He’s well-off, but not rich in the same sense as many of the California millionaires, and lives a relatively quiet life near where trains, ships, and travelers all come together.https://the-four-horsemen-1.obsidianportal.com/previews

James Dalton

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